Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Second guessing

"Second guessing is not a strategy."
(Half smirk and eye squint)

To watch President Bush lumber thru a State of the Union speech he could not possibly have written--and indeed, can barely read--is to etch permanent scowl lines in your forehead.

To have the subliminal Cheshire cat TV smile of Dick Cheney over the big guy's shoulder for more than an hour is salt in the wound.

So what a relief to find Mark Morford--the only sane man in the cosmos-- delivering a few words of hope so sadly missing last night. By the time I got to his rap about "paranoid ferrets" I was rolling on the floor.

Morford is the dead-on columnist/libertine for the San Francisco Gate:

The Real State Of The Union
How to address a bitter, war-torn
but still somehow giddy and deeply horny nation

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Joe Mama said...

Stay the course is not a strategy either. And what exactly is victory in Iraq? I thought we had victory when Hussein was deposed. I thought it was victory when Bush declared "Mission accomplished." He says we must stay the course because bringing the troops home would dishonor those troops who made the ultimate sacrifice. What about the troops that'll be killed this week? We need to stay the course so those troops are not dishonored. Where does it end?