Friday, February 03, 2006

Power babes

"You heard it here first," reads a two-line e-mail from a politics-smart pal, wise beyond cynicism and time.

"Canada's next Liberal leader and Prime Minister ... Carole Taylor."

Taylor is currently BC's Minister of Finance.
The former chair of the CBC and TV journalist has the smarts and communications skills to be an attractive new face in the race. She has connects all thru the party, a power base.

Harper vs. Taylor. West vs. West.

And to hell with Ontario.

With Da Boys--soiled Chretien/Martin cabinet rats and worse--jumping the good ship Grit hourly, it's time for Da Girls to do what Da Boys can't or won't.


And could chicks do any worse than Prime Minister Dithers' recent election face plant? Bummer, man.

1. A femme take-over of the party might finally give Ken "Give-Me-Daycare-Or-Give-Me-Death" Dryden his exit papers. And day care in the bargain.

2. Social issues would be front and centre, displacing tired white guys.

3. Scrums would be 42% more watchable.

4. Media weasels would celebrate a new candidate who Wasn't Crazy. At least they could include Ms. Taylor's name in that shrinking paragraph of Other Possible Contenders.

Hey, anything to make Scott Brison go away.


efun4val said...

Sounds like a heck of a plan. When do we sign her up?

One question tho'...does she pay taxes? You know, to Canada, unlike Blinda Strongarm whose money ebbs and flows from her daddums & ex-prime minister dithers whose companies are all ex-patriot dollars.

It sure couldn't hurt to have a woman in charge. Just ask Mister & Mrs Sauga what they think of Mayor McCallion. Or what the people of Ottawa thought of Charlotte Whitten. Or good old Golda. On the other hand things might actually get accomplished and that would be a terrible precedent to set.

There might be a whole lot of spanking going on in Question Period. Or at least time-outs that would last forever (if good behaviour was required).

However, it'll never happen, makes too much sense.

Arnone & Co. said...

hi dunf.
we will consider her at

thanks for the tip!