Sunday, April 05, 2020

The Queen: "We'll meet again...."

Coronavirus: 'We'll meet again' - Queen recalls WWII song in bid to lift nation in lockdown 


Try not to remember the final moments of Dr. Strangelove...


Peter Sellers: "I have a plan!"

Sunday, March 29, 2020

                                           "Not my problem ... "
                    "Sorry bunny, not this year .... "

"Ride it like a cowboy... "

President Donald Trump seemed in awe of the final $2.2 trillion stimulus bill when he was signing it.

"I never signed anything with a T on it," he said.

Trump has told people he wants his signature to appear on the direct payment checks, an official told the Wall Street Journal.
A civil servant would normally sign the checks.

Who's your daddy?


Saturday, March 28, 2020

Where did everybody go?

Over in this corner of the country, everyone's being remarkably civil and obedient: little traffic on the roads near Algonquin Park. We carefully stand on the yellow floor decals at the grocery, all soberly concerned, fearful, sheeplike. 
If we are very, very good, maybe the virus Santa Claus won't come here. Slip down our chimneys as we sleep.

The bears miss us. 

Dogs and toilet paper

A blog pal writes:

I thought of you today. 
As part of my self isolation, I have been looking for things to do. Not a lot I am interested in on Netflix, and people are getting really mean on the Facebook pages I usually frequent. 
I get it, you are afraid...we all are, lashing out at others is not helping. 
Today I pulled out a couple of those French bulletin boards that I had laying around for the last couple of years. 
One is for concert/show ticket stubs dating back to 1980 when The Monks played the Civic in Oshawa. 
The other board is for other memorabilia that means something to me. I guess I finally have time to organize and put those together! 
One of those things in the 'means something' pile is a clip from one of your columns (I think it was about things to do while at the cottage), that I found so funny I kept it and just moved it from one bulletin board to the next. 
It is probably from the 80's, too:

Late at night, you can lay on the floor with a dog and sniffing his paws, consider all the interesting places he's been."

* * *

"Gun sales have gone up, as well," Hugh said.
Amy put her phone away. 
"So people can protect their toilet paper."
             --David Sedaris,  
             New Yorker piece at

*  *  *

"The dumbest people I know are now home-schooling their kids"
   --Whitney Cummings

Thursday, March 26, 2020

If you're thinking of disregarding this sign and sneaking out, maybe you should read this first ...

I had to tell him. There was no way to soften the blow. The hospital is changing its rules, I said. No more visitors. When you leave today, you both need to say goodbye ....

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Always avoid Dimwits...

Enjoy your desert island experience


BBC Radio's Desert Island Discs has more than 2,000 episodes online ... your favourite person is probably there.

A cheery place to start would be Tom Hanks' tunes... 

And a guide to all the interviews in the series is at... 

The Streets of Rome Under Quarantine


A woman dances with a child on a balcony.

A handmade banner proclaims Everything will be okay

A bird chirps.

Above, the New Yorker shares a few moments from Rome...

Concerts online


Right now, I see the Malmo Symphony Orchestra play a concert of Mozart and Mendelssohn.

Tonight, I may watch the Metropolitan Opera's La Traviata, or the Seattle Symphony.

 With many arts organizations and concert halls closing their doors due to concerns from the coronavirus, there's been a surge in performances offered for free online. Here is Minnesota Public Radio's updated list of great performances and concerts--with links--that you can enjoy from home.  

And as always, if you click this link, there are 20 music streams available 24/7 from MPR...

CBC Music's online streams are at 

Okay boomer ...

Trump: 'Hearing Good Things' About Testing Despite Shortage

"We're not a shipping clerk"

"I don't take responsibility at all"

Trump gives his own coronavirus response a 10 out of 10

"I have a good feeling" about suspect drug 

"I have a hunch ... "