Wednesday, December 11, 2019

December sun

Be a happy Xmas pup...

Two weeks til Santa comes--but already I have a killer gift. My  favorite Christmas song is secretly a  kick-ass jazz samba? Tasty! Thanks Gerald Albright!

Cannonball's joyful arrangement by Vince Norman...

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Dog Who Loved Christmas coming

If you're a  blog pal who asks about a much-remembered column, The Dog Who Loved Christmas, it will appear here holiday week.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

"Here we are on December 7 — the day the president reminds us that Ukraine bombed Pearl Harbor."
 --Rahm Emanuel at Gridiron Dinner

Friday, May 31, 2019

Common Ground

So the world is a circle.

My favorite tune for decades comes from Paul Winter's 1977
album/CD, the title tune, Common Ground.

"Voices are calling round the earth, music is rising in the sea
The spirit of morning fills the air
Guiding my journey home
Where is the path beyond the forest
Where is the song I always knew
I remember it just around the bend
In the village, the music never ends ..."

I assumed it was a product of the Paul Winter Consort.
The only album credit is to the guy who sings it, Jim Scott.
He was the Consort's guitarist.

Last month, I discover Jim Scott in his garden on youtube--now 40 years older.
He sings Common Ground.
But his second verse is new! It doesn't rhyme.

The new verse:

"Somewhere is the melody we need
There is a certain harmony
Even a rhythm in the trees
In the song that we've always known
As every road comes to its end,
Every path must cross again
Now I'm returning to my heart
Back to the sound that is our own... "

A web search for that lyric produces a new clue: Velho Sermão.

That's Portugese!

Translation: Old/Ancient Lesson.

I enter the Portugese title into youtube. Deep dive.

Paul Winter's Common Ground came out in 1976.

But Velho Sermao was on another artist's Lp the previous year, 1975.

Scott's new verse is a literal translation of Portugese into English from the original recording.

Of course! The world is a circle!

I have every album by Ivan Lins, who actually wrote Velho Sermao.

He's been Brazil's premier tunesmith for decades.


The bugs are back. Pollens drift. Eyes itch. Hear that 
rhythm in the trees? Every path must cross again ...


Paul Winter, Common Ground:

Jim Scott, Common Ground

Ivan Lins, Who Actually Wrote the Song:

Monday, May 06, 2019


Life is a one-way test.
The correct answer is ... "yes"
                                 --Livingston Taylor

Monday, February 25, 2019

But spring is still coming, right?

"A strong low pressure system may begin as snow overnight but is expected to quickly transition to freezing rain or ice pellets and then to rain.

"Precipitation will change back to snow late Sunday afternoon. Total snow and ice pellet accumulations up to 20 cm. Strong winds with gusts to 80 km/h will produce zero visibility in blowing snow.... whiteouts, falling trees, hydro outages, extinction of small mammals, the  Apocalypse...."

Happy New Year