Saturday, February 11, 2006

"It's all about me!"

How great to see financial beardo Garth Turner providing some much-needed comic relief to the Tories' opening week kick at the can.

MP Garth's barking is apparently designed to make him the easy call of choice when Lib-turned-Tory David Emerson is driven from cabinet kennel, yelping.

As fans of the noisy one-time Toronto Sun money guru and PC finance minister may remember, Turner's predictive powers can be a little iffy.

Hold your bets.


akimboo said...

Hey Dunf (LTNS my brother)

I think that maybe you are too far back in the woods to be always up to speed.
Word has it, Garth was called in for a spanking Thursday night. In that case, maybe when Mr. Emerson gets the boot from Vancouver-Kingsway, the Liberal Party will ask Mr. Turner to cross the floor and be a parachute candidate for the riding.


Waypast40 said...

You always give me a good laugh!Thanks Dunf.