Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A child is born

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have popped the kid.

Shhhh. Complete Silence. Oh Holy Night.

What's for dinner? Placenta.

This just in: boy or girl, they're naming it ... Carnival.

And only 20 days to the opening weekend for Tom's Mission Impossible 3. Go figure. Quelle surprise.

Hey, just walked in the door after a surprise week in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the dells of Wisconsin....

Hope the Easter Bunny showed for you blog pals and the cats didn't kill it. I hate when that happens.

One moment Peter Cottontail is delighting the children with candy eggs and marshmallow chickies....

Next thing you know some Black Calico Satan has poor Petie by the ears, another dead trophy for the mistress.

Anyway, did you know that Wisconsin is "America's Water Parks Capital?"

Me neither. They are on every corner, like jug milk stores here.

I could be very happy in The Badger State.

I am certainly half badger.

I believe it is probably the better half.

Later, dudes.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Who wants to go for a ride?

Let's go to ... Algonquin Park


The snow's still deep in the Algonquin woods, so where to ride a mountain bike on a glorious blue sky day?

Only the tips of the park's bike and hike trailheads show. But the 9 km road north to Opeongo Lake has been plowed ... so happy as a clam, you can glide past frozen beaver ponds, tinkly thawing streams and retreating snowdrifts.

Bike ride,
Lake Opeongo Road
Algonquin Park

Icicle cave,
Lake Opeongo Road
Algonquin Park

Ice flows,
Opeongo Lake Road
Algonquin Park