Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A child is born

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have popped the kid.

Shhhh. Complete Silence. Oh Holy Night.

What's for dinner? Placenta.

This just in: boy or girl, they're naming it ... Carnival.

And only 20 days to the opening weekend for Tom's Mission Impossible 3. Go figure. Quelle surprise.

Hey, just walked in the door after a surprise week in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the dells of Wisconsin....

Hope the Easter Bunny showed for you blog pals and the cats didn't kill it. I hate when that happens.

One moment Peter Cottontail is delighting the children with candy eggs and marshmallow chickies....

Next thing you know some Black Calico Satan has poor Petie by the ears, another dead trophy for the mistress.

Anyway, did you know that Wisconsin is "America's Water Parks Capital?"

Me neither. They are on every corner, like jug milk stores here.

I could be very happy in The Badger State.

I am certainly half badger.

I believe it is probably the better half.

Later, dudes.


efun4val said...

Welcome back! The Badger State sounds fun, although how do they enjoy all the water parks in the winter?

Re: Kat/Tom What a very scary situation....I hope she's on drugs as that is the only excuse (other than some form of mental illness) for her complete absorbsion by another human being. He is the mouth & brain (although contents are questionable) & she is the willing vassal. I find it so disapointing that a woman in today's day and age can be swept into such an abyss. Sadly, I see women throwing away their freedoms so often now. What was the point of burnin' my bra? Supporting Henry Morgantaller? etcetera

Oh well, glad you had a good time & great to have you back.

John Cosway said...

Welcome back Dunf. My routine daily checks of e-mail, stocks and Dunf In Space have been lacking without your unique blogs.

Torontosrose said...

well TomKat had a kitten and named it some forgettable name of Suri...isn't that a type of dress? Next ups is the Brangelina kid....woohooo at least they quiet bout the whole affair...but speaking of quiet...where was the scream of Joy from Tom Cruise bungeejumping the news to the media..."My New Obsession Has Arrived...Quick get a Movie Contract Signed!" Did i blink and Miss it?
Hey Dunf yer more eloquent than the other "celebreties" of the day...how come we don't know all the ins and outs of yer life...? Isnt it yer obligation as a Celebrity to fill us in on the actual weight of yer belly button lint each week?
Sorry i not pickin on ya...just wanna hear yer views of the world a lil more often!