Thursday, January 12, 2006

Late night e-talk

My computer blinks when someone on-line wants to chat.
They're almost always former readers of the column.
Awww. Still loved. Sniffle.
I e-talked with a Canadian living in Texas last night.
It went like this....
And yes, he knows it's going up here...

WINS 1010: they say in Louisiana..."How's bayou?"
Pagesix: still kickin. u?
WINS 1010: Not bad. Are the Tories still ahead in the polls?
Pagesix: tories 38, libs 29, ndp 17, bloc whatever as of this morning
WINS 1010: Great. Harper seems like Bush Jr.
Pagesix: i think bush jr is seriously without rival
Pagesix: paul martin looks about 104 now.
stumbles over his own memorized sound clips. it's weird
WINS 1010: You're probably right there, but it amazes me that people don't just see what's happened here over the past 5 years and put in a Liberal majority. Last time I looked at the CBC site, the Tories are pulling the gay rights issue out of the hat.
WINS 1010: A two month long campaign must be gruelling :)
WINS 1010: As long as the Democrats here allow Republicans to talk about abortion and gay rights, they're not going to get anywhere.
Pagesix: The tories have a nice tv ad that shows blue collar joes eating in a diner looking up at a tv set on which martin, & cab members keep repeating they had nothing to do with sponsorgate, that they are paragons of integrity....
this is intercut with justice gomery quotes: "an elaborate tax fund scheme..."
Pagesix: The folks in the diner just nod their heads at each other ... and grin
WINS 1010: Oy. It's just the negative nonsense. Unfortunately it works.
Pagesix: it doesn't come close to the liberal attack ads. at least there's some grin to it.
WINS 1010: I guess Harper's spending the summer on the rubber chicken and barbecue circuit helped his image.
Pagesix: we'll see what rabbits are pulled from hats in the next 2 weeks
Pagesix: he can walk and talk at the same time now. that wasn't true last time out
Pagesix: and he's so laid back... a tribute to modern chemistry
WINS 1010: Should be good. My wife and voted by mail. We've been in Texas for over 20 years. That's a whole other story.
Pagesix: don't hear your accent on here
Pagesix: got the gunrack?
WINS 1010: :)
Pagesix: u never know when a crazed armadillo will try to get in the truck
WINS 1010: No gunrack. If people broke into my house, they'd LEAVE us stuff:)
Pagesix: lol
WINS 1010: I still don't understand why all these people drive pickups and they don't haul anything:)
Pagesix: they haul ass
WINS 1010: Not in the supermarket. They stand around and clog the aisles talking about the Cowboys:)
WINS 1010: Half the city of Plano is in Walmart at any given time:)
Pagesix: i spend time in colorado.
99% of walmart yap is about the broncs
Pagesix: u got somethin' against them 66 cent cans of pringles u darn canuck?
WINS 1010: :) And where can you get a coffee maker for $9?
Pagesix: ah-murica. home of the predigested, perfectly-formed chip
Pagesix: exactly
WINS 1010: And Olestra. Oy vey.


Joe Mama said...

Fuddle duddle!

efun4val said...

Dunf, it's not that you can't be bothered to write anymore, it's just that you want conversation. What you don't realize is that to your faithful readers, it always has been a conversation. I talk to your written word (and others) all the time....might be age related but I don't think so. I talk to the editorial page and the letters pages too. Usually in capital letters! Keep on bloggin' and we'll keep responding. It really is a conversation.

Torontosrose said...

totally AGREE --all caps!