Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lost ... and found

So since last July, I have been free to drift.

And drift I have.

The joy of not having to produce another 800 words of copy for tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, has not yet lifted.

A daily column that drips for decades seriously taps a tree.

But there is snow on my kayaks. It's a long winter.

And I confess here and now... I was not ... born to blog.

It's not that opportunity hasn't knocked.

Fall brought a radio gig query, an echo of my 1980s.

A long-time TV bud flattered me with work bait.

I said no to both.

If I'm going to work my butt off in public again, I want something odd, something funny, something strange, something peculiar.

An idea that--hopefully--will make other people laugh.

Yes, I will serve you when it's ready.

It's here. I may even write about it.

Just one word for you, a clue if you will since you are pals, here the very day that project begins. That word is ... Boot.

It came together this morning.

I now have a workbox labeled ... Boot.

It will take about six months.

Last week I wuz lost, in serious December funk.

But this morning, I wuz found.

My idiot grin came back...

In the first quarter moon of this bright, new year.

It shines on you too. So grin, darn it.


John Cosway said...

Dunf, you tease. Six months we have to wait for the Boot? But 2006 being the year of the dog, and you being a dog lover, I'm sure your project will be worth the wait. Do we get any clues along the way?

Tom Williams said...

Living in California, I am told almost daily that I say "A Boot" instead of about.
Is this what The Boot is all about Dunf?

Torontosrose said...

Ok i have to confess...i am a lil confuzzled here....are you telling us you have a new project in the works for us fans (hopefully avail to me in Toronto...) or am i too tired after working in the bar all day and coming home to a messy home...? (Note: someone tell the Toronto District School Board that the kids get way too many holidays!)

efun4val said...

Come on Dunf. You're an awesome "Blogger". We need more clues to the "Boot" Is it the shoe type, or the computer type or.....? Help please. Even if it is a full time whatever, you have to keep this diary going. We'd miss your comments & those beautiful pictures that you're taking. Almost tempted to move north. You guys obviously get more than the cloud & overcast us poor GTA types have had for months and months and months and months.