Thursday, January 12, 2006

Late night e-talk ... part two

Pagesix: ah-murica. home of the predigested chip
Pagesix: exactly
WINS 1010: And Olestra. Oy vey.
Pagesix: talk like that is what george is lookin for on his wiretraps
Pagesix: i've been in two walmarts now that had no GREETER.
is there an old coot shortage?
WINS 1010: Gonzales is going to fly us both to secret bases in Bangladesh and implant microchips in our arms.
Pagesix: at least we'll get tan
WINS 1010: Unless we end up in Ukraine:)
WINS 1010: The sad thing is, more people are concerned about Survivor than the president grabbing power.
WINS 1010: Short memories. It's really too bad.
Pagesix: saw george b. jr on tv this week.
his facial expressions are getting more and more like The Muppets.
Pagesix: odd, over-exagerrated, tick-y
Pagesix: thank god cheney rocks
Pagesix: the evil empire is safe
WINS 1010: should write a column for the Telegram:)
Pagesix: i can't even summon enthusiasm to do the blog.
Pagesix: the snow on the kayaks in the yard depresses me. lol
Pagesix: tho we're havin a thaw
WINS 1010: I have trouble getting motivated to write a check (cheque) (or a Pole)
WINS 1010: Are you still in the Toronto area?
Pagesix: nope, still in the woods, east of algonquin park. about three to TO, two to Ott and Kingston. down to ottawa in the morning for a few days of r&r
Pagesix: the web made it possible to do the last 10 years at the sun mostly from the boonies
WINS 1010: Wow. The real woods. I used to get nervous being more than 10 minutes from a 7-11, but as I get older, I like the thought of solitude.
Pagesix: pizza pizza is greatly overrated. ditto timmy's
WINS 1010: I'll probably have to work until they carry me out in a casket ... I still think about retiring back in Ontario, at least for most of the year.
Pagesix: man does not live by sushi kitchens alone
WINS 1010: I never cared for the chain pizza joints since I grew up in NY, but I do miss Tim Hortons coffee and crullers.
Pagesix: just dump chickory in your own coffee
Pagesix: be your own addiction
WINS 1010: Chicory? Maybe I'll switch to Postum:)
Pagesix: come back. If only for the comedy. lol
Pagesix: there is a comfort knowing whatever we do jan 23, IT JUST DOESN"T MATTER.
we're a little comic opera country, stomping our feet and singing patter songs
WINS 1010: I did buy a can of Tim Hortons coffee from a lady in Vancouver on Ebay.
WINS 1010: :)
Pagesix: i believe 90% of all ebay sales occur between 2am and 4am local time, after the bars close.
WINS 1010: Stompin' Tom Connors.
WINS 1010: I hope he's still alive.
WINS 1010: Rap music way ahead of its time.
Pagesix: tom still stomps
WINS 1010: Great to hear. How about Ronnie?
Pagesix: amazingly, still alive.
WINS 1010: His most productive years:)
Pagesix: people are very nice to u if they think u might croak in front of them.
WINS 1010: They don't want to dispose of the body:)
Pagesix: bury him in the yard with the ex's. why stop now.
WINS 1010: Or next to the Cadillacs near Amarillo, Texas:)
Pagesix: and of course Canadians .... are .... NICE.
WINS 1010: Anyway, must run and get back to work. Mazel tov on the blog. At least now you write when you want to.
Pagesix: maybe i'll just paste all this in the blog.
that way, george's people won't have to transcribe it all to find out that Bad Thing u said about walmart. Good idea?
WINS 1010: :) Great...make his job easier. He probably has all my e-mail anyway:)
Pagesix: see u in bahrain, sparky
Pagesix: or wherever the secret little jets take us
WINS 1010: :) We should be so lucky.
Pagesix: pretend it's bahrain. we'll be blindfolded
WINS 1010: :)
Pagesix: have a good one

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