Thursday, January 26, 2006

We sparkle plenty

From the New York Times...

The Conservatives' success was helped by voters' exhaustion with the divided and squabbling Liberals, with the unending series of slush-fund and inside-dealing scandals that have swirled around their rule for the past few years, and with the distinctly lackluster campaign skills of the outgoing prime minister, Paul Martin, who managed to be uncharismatic even by Canada's undemanding standards.

Hey, hey, hey!

You sayin' us Hosers got no charisma? Hooey!
Canadians reek of twinkle and charm!

Why there's.... uh ... what's his name?
Or... uhm ... that other guy. You know who.
Give me a second. I'll think of one.

1 comment:

Torontosrose said...

ummm what bout Wayne Gretzky...? He was a Canadian once...he twinkled and charmed his way through the NHL! and then our Comedians out twinkle and out charm a lot of others too...who could ferget Howie Mandel? "Wait..wait..what?"