Friday, April 13, 2007

Building a better dam

If BCE were in the business of selling beavers, don't you think they might do better?

Frank and Gordon--the fuzzified beav pitchmen for Bell services in TV and print ads--are the most attractive part of the company.

(Bell's choice of rodents as corporate spokesfolk is some sort of inside joke. Most customers get it.)

But alas, Bell sells long distance, which is why so many of us are with Primus.

And cell phones, which is why I use Telus.

And home satellite services, which is why I'm with Star Choice.

And internet broadband services, which is why I chose Xplornet.

Apparently somebody at the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan has noticed this. Bell's biggest shareholder is "exploring" its options.

My advice: keep the beavers.

Lose the rest.


Annie said...

Hey Dunfie,

When I finally decided to get a computer at home last summer, I started checking around for someone who could give me a good package on phone, internet and maybe satellite TV. Bell sounded good, but couldn't get a clear signal for ExpressView, so the whole thing fell apart. But dealing with these people, in terms of cancelling service, returning un-opened modems and getting my account sorted out once I did change phone companies, was like a gothic horror novel, not resolved until December. I still get monthly bills from these maroons showing a nil balance, and encouraging me to save paper by requesting my bills on-line.

Um... maybe if they stopped sending bills to people who are no longer customers, it would save a whack of trees...

Eventually I will call them and tell them to knock it off, but I still don't have the strength to make yet another call to that bastion of frustration. Maybe we should consider changing the expression "going postal" to "going Bell" since I was nearly tempted to smack someone silly after dealing with that crew...

The commercials are definitely their best feature!

(Got the 'yak in the water yet?)

Annie (Old Weird)

Derek Smith said...

Hi Gary:

It's been a long time since we last spoke. About 438 years ago at Luigi's if I remember right. Anyway, it's a much different time and place and I hope that all is well with you and that the rainbow ended at your front door.

Hopefully you'll read this and reply. We have a project entitled the Cosmic Diner that may just be up you're ally if you're still in the ally business.

I'd love the opportunity to share this with you and see if you'd be interested it it.

I can be reached at 613-523-7069 in Ottawa.

Derek Smith

Annie said...

Happy Summer, Dunfie!

(For Gawd's sake, rescue that bunny from the ice!)

Annie (OW)

Bruce said...

I gotta know man, WHERE ARE YOU?

I presume you have left the Sun?!?!

If so, I missed it, sorry to say - I enjoyed you for a long time.

Give us a hint if you can. :)


maudie said...

It is quickly becoming that time of the year. I searched thru my papers and found your column The Dog Who Loved Christmas. It is by far and away my favorite dog Christmas story. Thanks for writing it! I hope all is well with you.

maudie said...

It is quickly becoming that time of the year. I searched thru my papers and found my favorite Christmas dog story--The Dog Who Loved Christmas. Thank you so much for writing it. I love it. I hope all is well with you.