Monday, April 02, 2007

Abandoned blog?

So the question becomes: if you have a life, why would you waste a great deal of time writing a blog?

1. Ego
2. Delusion
3. Revenge
4. Self-esteem issues
5. Boredom
6. Brain ooze
7. Ran out of DVDs
8. Over-medicated. Again.
9. New pictures of Vancouver Island trip.

I choose the last.


excdngrunt said...

People who miss page 6 still check in once in awhile Dunf.

Cpl Dave Cribb
CFB Trenton
(but in Kawartha Whenever i can manage it)

Annie said...

He's Back !!!

But where are the pix of Van Island, oh Fluffy Guru of the Great White North???

Yes, we've been checking in, Dunfie. Like timid little bunnies coming out to sniff and quiver, wondering if anyone has left us a carrot, we peek and blink, and twitch our whiskers, wondering where our treats have gone. (Note to self - buy tweezers.)

Now we are happy bunnies, happy, warm and dry. Not hot, cross bunnies. Oh, no! How would THAT happen?

Hoppy easter Dunfie!!!

Annie (Old Weird)