Friday, April 06, 2007

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Annie said...

Hey Dunf,

how did you get the good weather? I was in Vancouver for the blizzard of November '06 (and the only one in town with proper boots, apparently) and for the rain warning they had last month. Yes, a rain warning!

I actually like the place, and spent most of a sunny, cloudless summer there a few years back, but have a bit of a war going on with a smug resident who threatens to send care packages and armed forces every time our temp drops below freezing. They check the Environment Canada forecast for Toronto daily, and email me the particularly nasty ones. Was very happy to witness the natives trying to pick their way down Robson street in their "boots" with stiletto heels and smooth soles, through 6 inches of slush... It also helped that YouTube had footage of the roof blowing off BC Place... I had some peace for a few weeks until their damn flowering trees took off, and it's been hell ever since!

Glad you're having a blast, Dunfie! Go dig out the kayak!


Annie (O.W.)