Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yo hosers! DirecTv drops XM Radio bomb

Merry Christmas, satellite TV gray market!

Santa came early for an estimated 1 million Canadians with access to the forbidden DirecTv dishes and receivers that grab US TV signals like ESPN and HBO from the sky.

Santa's brought them ... ho ho ho! ... 72 channels of XM Radio!

The music signals went up this morning.

Not content to watch the forbidden U.S. cable, network and premium movie feeds, rebel DirecTv-watchin' Canadians suddenly have access to dozens of channels of uninterrupted pop, urban, classic and Latin music streams from the American satellite radio service.

Bluegrass, country, club, alternative, jocktalk, old gold, even a 24/7 disco feed.

The 72 XM Radio feeds are included in all three DirecTv subscriber packages, from the monthly base $41.99US to the top tier $93.99US premiere programs buffet.

So much for which Canuck applicant gets on the air first or how much CanCon the CRTC demands of each homegrown satellite radio service? Kind of irrelevant, hosers.

Just as the CRTC dithered away years before licensing Expressvu and Star Choice while DirecTv established a substantial foothold in Canada, the agency's absurd tap-dancing demands for three satellite radio wannabees has allowed history to repeat itself.

XM Radio (US Edition) arrived today in a million Canada homes with the push of a button ... at the DirecTV control bunker in Castle Rock, Colorado. DirecTv claims a U.S. subscriber base of 13 million households.

Can even Howard Stern help rival Sirius play catch-up? Ha! Get a grip.

Complete XM/DirecTV lineup at


MouseMeat said...

I like it.

Now if I wasn't facing east, and all satellites were not on a line with Chicago, I would be happy.

Us poor apartment dwellers. :(

Lutefisk said...

Gary, the appeal of Satellite Radio is it's portability. I doubt you'll see many tricked out Honda Civics with the DirecTV dish hanging off the side.

MusicChoice already provided a pretty wide variety of music on that service.

Torontosrose said...

I have the same problem as you mousemeat...we had to go Rogers cuz we were facing the wrong way in our apartment building...it was a toss up when we rented in this building..face the right way for satellite and face a busy street (Kipling Ave) or face the Humber River and quiet and get a better selection and price...we chose wrong..mind you i love Rogers Online system...hardly ever boot offline!) but pay a lot every month! (mind you i should have stuck with noise rather than all the rotten dirty ppl that insist the garbage chute door is the balcony door! Don't stick your head over..it can get taken off with a couch, or even a gas bbq going 100 km's a mile off the 18th floor...and i am not kidding!