Monday, November 07, 2005

Spill yer guts

Several readers have complained there isn't enough confession here.

Blogs apparently are supposed to be endless grocery lists of what you ate last night (wax beans and salmon), what your emotional temperature is at the moment (better than you'd expect) and especially who you can't stand and why. (Uh. Gee. Can I get back to you on that?) The firewood is in the garage. Does that interest you? I don't have a new dog... yet. The power was out in the big windstorm Sunday night.

To tell the truth, I was in a confessional mood back in July, preparing the last Sun column. I had a good last graph for that column: it began, "Did I ever mention.... " But if I dropped some blockbuster, might they not make me write it another year? This seemed like a bad idea. And it seems more like cat droppings in retrospect.

I will try to be more confessional in the future.


Carly said...

Dunford, as a long time fan, you are doing a fine job of your blog. I'm just happy I can still get my Dunford fix once a week. Your retired, post when you damn well feel like it!
Good luck with your dog hunt, you already know they pick us, not the other way around. Ursula always has lots!

PS. The un is not the same without you.

John Cosway said...

Dunford (Gary), Donato (Andy) and David (Letterman), three media Ds you can always count on to inform, entertain and leave you with something to think about. So I don't mind waiting for Dunf In Space postings. The a-n-t-i-c-i-p-a-t-i-o-n most often leads to satisfaction, from the words and the photographs.