Monday, March 16, 2015

So here we are in 2015, the snow dripping off the roof

So here we are in 2015, the snow dripping off the roof.

What is the warmest word in any Canadian's vocabulary?


And in the spirit of rebirth ... the blog begins again.

Perhaps start with a joke?

How To Escape a Polar Bear

If you know the BBC's not-quite-a-game show Qi,  you may already have the answer.

When chased by a polar bear, simply toss off your clothes.

First your hat, then your coat, toss your gloves ...

Keep running.

Then your sweater, next the t-shirt, then your pants ....

Keep running.

Toss your shoes behind you, and your socks ...

Keep running.

The bear will stop to carefully paw each item.

Sniff it. Lick it.

This gives time to put distance between you and the bear.

You may escape ... 

Or wind up on the icy barrens, naked and afraid.

If you eventually meet the bear, he will say:

Oh good ... an unwrapped one.


Annie said...

Dunf, I can't begging to say how much I miss you and your column. I was always pleased when you used one of my bits in your column, from The Christmas Gloves (holy crap - you mentioned that in your final column) to Peter Gilchrist, and many more. I hope the woods, waterfall and dogs are keeping you happy. Stay well sweetie!


Annie said...

(and I hate auto-incorrect!)

...can't begin... Is what I meant.