Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blog this

Okay, quit yer barking.

This is not a newspaper column,
it's a blog.
If I don't show up for a couple of weeks, it probably means I'm having fun.

(Yeah, like typing is fun? Grow up.)

Anyway, some info on my month of travels appears above.

I did not miss the bugs, the big hydro outage or the latest purge at the Sun.
Isn't it time to re-design the paper again?
Only 50,000 readers disappeared the last time that happened.
Unfortunately, another 50,000 seem to have followed them.
Half price has nothing to do with it.


efun4val said...

Glad you had a good time, sorry to bother you, just concerned for a friend.

Yup, Sun lost me last re-design & Star lost me too with their redesign and loss of their best writers, now just get news off radio and web. I figure if we're invaded someone will tell me.

As usual, your photos are beautiful. Thanks.

akimboo said...

leave yer blog in the red box at the end of my driveway and i'l leave you a loonie

come on man, it will be worth it

for we the readers at least