Wednesday, September 28, 2022

"He has a master's degree -- in weather!"


I blame video games


Crowd favorite in the municipal election


             Vote Bigfoot.


Clumsy Russians


Russian businessmen have an astonishing amount of accidents.
More than a dozen have fallen, jumped, were pushed or "accidentally" died
since last spring. is keeping
a handy chart for the year. 

There goes another rubber tree plant.
And they had such high hopes.


"Doin' it right on the wrong side of Queen ... "


Happy 50th Anniversary to CITY-TV!

The Booze Muthers, Moses Znaimer and a security guard close down the station one August night in 1984. (6 mins)

A hurricane of promos, glimpses of CITY's stars, a special message from Moses and then nighty-night, probably only for broadcast junkies.

P.S. Not Chuck--he was at CMFT. 

Clip: City-tv sign-off August, 1984 - 


People City

A 1975 sign-off, above, and the station's familiar Tommy Ambrose theme tune below.


Horny elevator


                                        --Tim Whyatt, Senior Moments

Chewy naval porn


       Well, hel-lo sailors! 

      What's that bulge in your pocket, bossun?

     Ahh, gum! 

     Shoot me a stick....


Is there a crowd-go-fund-me and will it help?


Monday, September 26, 2022

LET FREEDOM HUM: Craig Ferguson & Martin Short

When the clock slips past midnight, I curse the pretenders who would dare share my company.

Seth, the Jimmies, the lethal James Cordon can't hold a candle to midnight's golden decade, those years of sex jokes, skeletons and dancing horse.

In the moments above, Craig Ferguson and Martin Short discuss Toronto's mayor (in 2011), morons with power and Marty's love for T.O.

If the autoplay doesn't start at 18:26, just go there.  Short's segments total about 9 minutes.


Good old freeze face


                                              --Tim Whyatt

Beware the butt blasters


RENEWED: Wolf Like Me

The eeriest show I've seen this year has been tapped for a second season. Yay!

Wolf Like Me, a creepy werewolf tale shot in Australia has a cult following and an unlikely hero. It's on amazon prime in Canada, Peacock (Universal's streamer) in the U.S.

Josh Gad--yes, Olaf the singing snowman from Frozen--is a single parent with a weird kid who encounters charming Isla Fisher, who is not quite what she seems.

Just six half hours in the first season--but the sixth is stunning and wilder than any thriller/horror flick I've seen in years.

The Aussie writing, acting and production values--wow! the wolf!--eclipse anything the CBC has done in decades.

If you're longing to be a werewolf fanboy or looking for Halloween-y scares, check it out.

I'm just sayin'...

not a werewolf

Name your poison


Organs play better if you rough them up.

HEAT: Kate Beaton's graphic novel



Kate Beaton claims she took a job in the oil fields to pay off her student loans back in the Maritimes.

She spent two years with oil roughnecks.

The result is Ducks, currently the #1 graphic novel on Amazon. Rapturous critics and amazon reviews (all five star) have hailed comics artist Beaton in the New Yorker and culture mags.


There's a great piece about Beaton, her popular Hark! A Vagrant comic strip and Ducks on the Vulture website


She lives in Cape Breton.

The ducks of the title lived (and died) in a tailing pond near Fort McMurray. 






                                               --Tim Whyatt

 Australian cartoonist Tim Whyatt's Senior Moments collections are best sellers, year after year.


Dangerous heads


Who knew "sarcasm" was a symptom of a dangerous head, some lout up to no good?

We all did.

It takes a 1902 phrenology book to remind us.


Give a guy what he wants


   Is this the tootsie the roll is named after?

Tootsie:  sweetheart, darling; a young woman, especially one perceived as being sexually available.

Now you tell me. 


Sunday, September 25, 2022

We still don't


Fiona down east

--alan singleton via TSF / Facebook


пицца не путин


  For the 61 Russians 

Google sez visited this blog last week

How to be "An Influencer" - Lesson One


Strokin' an ear


     Look! The Corn Ladies are back! 

     They are in love with fall's golden rod.

     Have you had your bite?


     Corn is a boy's best friend ....

  Do you chomp typewriter or scroll?  



ENCORE: Life Is For Livin' - Peggy Lee


Peggy Lee wrote more than 300 songs: the cleverest were slipped into her live nightclub act at Basin St East, the Palmer House, Imperial Room, Waldorf-Astoria, Cocoanut Grove, Copacobana, Diplomat and Ciro's.

She'd sometimes use this as upbeat encore, after her downbeat closer, Is That All There Is.

Gotta love the total write-thru, new verses all the way ....


Jump baby, jump


Saturday, September 24, 2022

Louise Fletcher, Nurse Ratched ( 1934 - 2022 )

"I'm glad to be hated by you .... Jack Nicholson and the cast made being in a mental institution like being in a mental institution."

   --Louise Fletcher, Best Actress Oscar in 1976

   (Nicholson won Best Actor, also Best Picture) 

Clip: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next (1975) 2 mins

Mickey is bald


     Tell the kids.

The leaf of tears


He is, because he am




U2 makes a video

Is this what they mean by crowd sourcing?

Clip: U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name (Music Video) 7 mins

Just like the rest of us



Elton John was at the White House last night.

His performance starts at the 24:00 minute mark in the above telecast.

Pushed to the brink


Turn right at Hwy 81, 34 kms to Hwy 56, 1 km to Main Street....


     To grandmother's house we go ...